Forget about milk:Got truck?

A big-rig truck rammed into California’s state capitol building on Tuesday, setting off a fiery explosion just as state lawmakers were finishing an emergency bill designed to ease the state’s critical power crisis.

Officials said the driver of the truck, which was loaded with evaporated milk, was killed in the incident, which witnesses said appeared to be some kind of bizarre attack.

“There’s no question in my mind that this was a deliberate act,” Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg said after he and other lawmakers were evacuated from the building. …

Assemblyman Kevin Shelley said the explosion occurred shortly after the vote was taken to pass the bill, and that emergency personnel immediately ordered the building cleared.

“We heard first one loud boom and then several loud booms in immediate succession. Then we began leaving the chamber,” Shelley said.

“The members were frightened. They don’t know if it is related to their business. They don’t know if it is the beginning or end.”

Shelley said that if the state Senate had been in session in its chambers, which are much closer to the explosion site, there could have been many injuries.

“This job is hard enough without having people trying to kill you,” Shelley said.

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